How to Truly Empower Your Team

Article by: Valerie Carricato & Philip Garcia
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How can we truly make the world a better place?

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  1. Table of Contents
    1. “Fine Tuning” Your Team’s Performance
  2. 2. How to Build Real Trust?
  3. 3. Becoming Irresistible
  4. 4. Finding the Gold in Failure
  5. 5. What if We Can’t Bounce Back?

Good listening skills and patience should be at the core of everything we do. How good of a communicator are you to others? How good of a communicator are you to yourself?

What if we were all a little more empathic and compassionate towards others?

Would it pour over into our lifestyles…? Our art and professional lives? I think the results would outweigh the efforts.
Here are 5 ways to empower your team and make a difference!

1. “Fine Tuning” Your Team’s Performance

Going the way and showing the way.

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Your team feels your energy. They will be more inclined to invest their time and and emotions when they feel understood. Try listening more attentively and being aware of how approachable you are, especially in challenging times.

Mindset Check:

Focus on this question: How can you be a better role model of teaching people compassion and empathy during casual encounters?

When you make a decision to involve someone or ask them for their advice, it brings you closer together. By being sensitive to other’s feelings, you will create a tighter bond between your team and the core of the project itself. Now that’s value!

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2. How to Build Real Trust?

Involving your team and your audience.

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What’s the best way to grow your team?

Get everyone to participate! Create a platform of opportunities and ask questions. When an artist proves to their audience that they matter to them, that person is more likely to continue to support and share their art.

People will feel more comfortable, drop their inner barriers, and in turn be more expressive and cultivate happier relationships. Get out there, build bridges, and help someone in their personal life become more open and confident. We need more of this today!

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3. Becoming Irresistible

Positivity is contagious

Show up with a smile and encourage everyone involved in your team, every time you can. Ask yourself: How can I serve and teach others better than I did yesterday? The satisfaction of helping others will morph your attitude into a selfless dedication to others’ needs. It will help you to see things in a new light and attract more optimistic people.

4. Finding the Gold in Failure

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How quick are you to accept and adjust your approach when you make a mistake?

Do you find yourself scouring the online blogs for answers? When you practice letting go and and accepting the world as it is, you will get back on your feet quicker, feel safer and be more confident. When’s the last time you had a great team huddle to talk about rethinking strategy?

Your journey is precious and irreplaceable.

Use your painful experiences to help you learn faster, bring balance and reduce stress for you and everyone on your team.

5. What if We Can’t Bounce Back?

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Today is a wonderful time for influencers and entrepreneurs. Resilience is essential for our survival.

Resilience: The ability to skillfully cope with and recover from adversity, challenge, and crisis.

We were made to communicate, create and share together. When you fall, ask your team for help. When someone is struggling, show them compassion. We will continue to grow stronger, overcome bigger challenges and empower more people on our journey.


Congrats on making it this far! How will you make a difference in someone’s life today? If this article helped you, please share it with someone who needs it more. We’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Valerie Carricato & Philip Garcia

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