How Your Podcast Can Improve The World

Article by: Luke Motta & Philip Garcia
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How do you stay focused and empowered in a world dominated by screens?

What’s the BIG deal about podcasts?

Podcasting is a $9.3 billion dollar industry, so it’s clear that it’s an effective method for success! A podcast is a popular tool for spreading your message because of its simplicity. Here are some of the benefits to starting one, appearing in one, or just listening to a podcast!

1. How Can You Expand Your Culture Without Leaving Home?

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Where in the world can we find focused episodes to learn new skills and get empowered?

Podcasts are powerful! You can hear thought-provoking discussions between people that you wouldn’t necessarily get from any other form of media. For some podcasts, this is the entire format, where each week a new guest appears ranging from social media influencers, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life.

Many podcasts have guests join in on an episode or two to talk with the main presenter, which means you get to hear the mindsets of hundreds of new people a year on topics you may never even have heard of before!

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2. Where Are Your Die-Hard Fans?

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Want to learn more about improvisation or artistry? There’s a podcast for that too!

Whatever you can think of, there’s probably somebody else who’s interested in hearing about it too. And if there isn’t a podcast out dedicated to it yet, you can create your own to build up an audience and contribute to discussions with other like-minded individuals.

It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends for life! Your audience is always waiting for you.

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3. How Can You Find Beauty in the Ordinary?

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Why start your own podcast?

What if your true voice and creativity was able to be channeled on your show? What if you could choose any style and topic and have it speak to an audience who really needs you? People seek growth and therapy through all forms of media. Podcasts can provide a bridge to connect people and make new friends. Now is a great time to build trust by sharing your experience with your own voice.

Wait! How much does it cost to make a podcast?

In most cases they’re free. Anchor is our podcast host and they offer one of the easiest ways to make a podcast on your phone or you computer. Yep, it’s totally free. Learn more here.

The beautiful gift of the creator.

We are all influential and have value to share with the world. Podcasts are like personal radio shows. People love to tune into new voices and witness each other’s journey. The world needs more people to create and share their stories.

Will your podcast be the one that lays out topics in advance and posts a new episode every week?
Do you prefer casual conversations or, more of a polished production with high quality?

Need help with your podcast?

4. How Your Podcast Can Change Someone’s Life

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When you’re a part of a podcast, the main goal is communicating with others.

With this goal in mind, people…

  • Share stories
  • Learn about problem-solving skills
  • And better socialize outside of the show

These skills also transfer over to podcast listeners as well. The listeners of the podcast now have a broader understanding of the topics covered and have unconsciously picked up on the same social cues and techniques that the podcast presenters use to keep a conversation flowing and on topic. These communication skills are very valuable in our growth.

Podcasts can be really rewarding to listen to in the background while working out or cooking. No matter how you layout your podcast, someone somewhere will be excited to listen!

5. How Can You Stand Out In a Sea Of Creators?

Because podcasts are so popular, they bring in big audiences, so it’s no wonder they’re so popular now with brands!

Podcasting can be a source of income with sponsorships and advertising your other products. It’s a fantastic way that will benefit everyone. All you really need is a microphone and a device to post your podcast and you’re all set. It’s a low-cost, high reward business strategy that you can enjoy doing while helping out society with your voice and your influence.

The popularity of podcasts has been steadily rising and there’s no better time to contribute to them than now!


Congrats on making it this far! Now is the time to get out there and absorb all of the information you can and grow your knowledge base! What steps will you take towards utilizing a podcast in your life? We’d love to hear from you!

Article by: Luke Motta & Philip Garcia

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