A Note on Team Encouragement

Article by: Geryl Lipat & Philip Garcia
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Learn how to be more productive and accountable with your team.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “team”?

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A team can be seen as a group of people that come together to achieve a common goal. It requires strategy, initiative, patience, and much more. Having a team that feels empowered and accountable can lead to a rewarding future for everyone.

Developing great team skills takes time. Here are some ways on how to step up your team game.

1.  How To Be A Better Listener

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How are you dealing with inattentiveness? Imagine how much more productive our everyday life would be if we were all actively engaged? Try some of these:

  • Be the one to ask open ended questions.
  • Take the initiative to write notes.
  • Share those notes with your team and your friends.

In every meeting, challenge yourself by asking “how can I be more mindful and appreciative to others?” The beautiful power about listening is that we learn and grow more.

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2. Learn How To Create Maximum Positivity

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Team brainstorming is a great way to get everyone to participate! How do you find the right way to entertain and encourage the ideas that your team members suggest?

✔ Ask them to contribute ideas about what they love.
✔ Ask them for honest opinions on how things can be improved.

When you keep the lines of communication open, everyone feels important. What if you did this everyday? Imagine how different the world would be.

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3. Cultivating Integrity

What happens when doing the right thing isn’t the team’s favorite?

Keep in mind that no matter how talented, educated, or how high your position is, being a person of your words, and responding respectfully in adversity will always lead to real growth for the team.

Stick to your words and be honest, even if it takes extra effort! Your team and your project will love you more for this!

4. But What If I Fail?

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It is natural for us to want to stay ahead and maintain a perfect score. But what happens when we let others down? Too much pride and self empowerment can get the best of us. Remember, we are human.

Try this mindset shift : Accept your failures as seeds of growth. Lean on your team for motivation and encouragement.


T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More.


How will you use these tools in your creative journey? We’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Geryl Lipat & Philip Garcia

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