How Are You Giving: For Growth or Gain?

Article by: Luke Motta & Philip Garcia
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Are You Giving to Gain Or Giving to Grow?

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We all work hard in our day-to-day lives, whether it’s for passion projects, businesses, or education. Whether you are working for somebody else, running your own business, or just doing something in your free time, you can always find ways to help out your audience and community!

The question is, are you giving to grow, or giving to gain? While personal gain is great for yourself, helping others is what will ultimately bring everyone up, together. Here are our top 3 tips for giving back to benefit everyone.

1. What Is Your Real Gift to Others?

Do you ever have a friend that’s always “me, me, me” and doesn’t check in on your wellbeing? And they don’t care to ask if they can do anything to make your life easier?

Invite people in your team to give you honest feedback on what they need and how you can help them out with it!

This can quickly build trust. The time you invest to listen and understand people will make life easier. When your team is built on trust and open communication, your projects and relationships will succeed.

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2. How Can You Serve and Help Others Better?

There’s always that one street everybody drives by that’s covered in litter, so why not change that? Try out some environmental efforts to clean up the streets and make the world a healthier place! Volunteer work isn’t just about that though, it can be anything from working at an animal shelter to simply offering your neighbor’s to mow the lawn.

Or get more creative! Switch out your house’s lights with new energy-efficient light bulbs to help out the environment, or maybe make some donations towards a cause you believe in.

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3. What’s More Fulfilling: Money or Supporting a Good Cause?

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For some people, volunteering full-time doesn’t make all that much sense. However, there are still ways you can support a great cause and still be able to afford your rent! Non-profit jobs often do still pay you a wage if necessary and they often give you the same sense of fulfillment.

The entire point is to help the community and better yourself in the process with the experiences you’ll have along the journey. It may be some simple work for you but for the people you help it means the world!


Congrats on getting this far! Now is the time to bring everyone up together. What steps will you take towards helping others today? We’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Luke Motta & Philip Garcia

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