How Do You Get Started Busking?

Article by: Philip Garcia, Alessa Ray
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What if busking could make you a better person? 🤔

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Busking can be a rewarding activity to volunteer your art in public places.

What kind of art? Music performance, dancing, comedy or any of your unique super powers that you can showcase!

We’re going to take a look at how busking can help you grow in many ways while contributing your gift to the world. Let’s jump in!

1.  Where Can You Start Busking?

There are opportunities everywhere!

Where’s the best place to showcase your art? If you’re in LA, Farmer’s Markets are a great place to get your feet wet! People love music, food, and mingling.

If you’re outside of LA…

…you can always find a peaceful, outdoor area that provides some shade. Small streets with cafes and stores are a great place to start! Make sure people can see you and hear you at a respectful volume 🤗.

Oh BTW, busking is a wonderful way to collaborate with small businesses because you can bring your audience with you 🎉.

Bonus: If you’re in LA, take a look Katie Ferrara’s top busking locations.

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2. What Equipment Should You Bring?

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Let’s make it easy. Why should we complicate with the techy stuff if we only need 3 things?

Mic, guitar, and amps. (something to put your tips, jar, guitar case, etc)

If you want to get a bit sophisticated, bring your looper and your Mac/iPad/Tablet/iPhone

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3. How Can You Add Real Value?

Busking may be seen as a challenge, your job is to keep people’s attention no matter what they’re doing! How can you become extraordinary? When you are real with your art people will remember you.

Why would they care about your life? Master the skill of storytelling. They might be feeling the same way you are feeling but not saying it.

If you can put their emotions into words, that’s when the real value comes.
Become their best friend.

4. How Can You Grow Your Fanbase With Busking?

photo by philip garcia

The best part about busking is that you can grow your popularity organically!

Try this:

  • Get out of the house and serve
  • Entertain people
  • Make them smile

It’s a great form of promoting yourself because when they like your sound, they’ll promote you too!

Remember to do the same with your favorite indie artists as well!

5. Where Do You Find the Gold?

photo by Tyler Nix

Busking is more than just a simple performance. The fact that it is always done in public means that people can find inspiration in a place they never would have expected.

What is the Greatest Gift About Busking?

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photo by Anthony Fomin
  • Being an influencer in people’s life.
  • Make your audience feel seen.
  • Make them feel they are not alone.

When you are bold enough to share your vulnerable side your audience will feel empowered. People love honesty.


Article by: Philip Garcia, Alessa Ray

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