How to Build a Creative Team

Article by: JD McGibney
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Learn how to create and build your creative team

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Today is a wonderful time to be a creator! 🤗

If you’re an artist, actor, social media influencer or musician and you’re reading this, CONGRATULATIONS!

Through art we are able to build deep and meaningful connections with the world around us. With a mutual love of art, we are able to bring people together to celebrate emotions, culture, and mutual life missions.

If you are a professional creator, it‘s a rule of necessity that you must work with other people in order to succeed. If you’re a casual creator, you might feel the desire to collaborate with others on projects just for fun. Here are our:

5 Power Tips for Building Your Creative Team

1.  Learn How to Make Genuine Connections

People want to work with people they know, people they enjoy,
and most importantly, people they feel comfortable around.

This first point seems like it should be a given. It is something so obvious that, oftentimes, it is neglected or flat out forgotten. In my opinion, it is the most crucial to be mindful of.

Building genuine friendships with other people will lead to meaningful relationships in creative and professional opportunities, and life in general.

Who Do You Surround Yourself With?

The entertainment industry is full of eager people looking to grow their career and because of this it often gets a bad wrap. People tend to see other’s true intentions, consciously or subconsciously. Whatever you do creatively, or personally, make sure you take the time to build genuine friendships.

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2. How Can You Be a Great Influence to Others?

Working with other people means
to invite one another into your creative spaces.

This second point also seems like it should be a given, but in the heat of the moment, and in regards to artistic ventures, we can sometimes lose ourselves to our emotions. Each of you is equal in this space, with no one better or worse than the other.

What if you perceived feedback as a tool to create
the best piece of art you collectively can?

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Art is often created with strong emotions behind it. Since that is the case, it can sometimes be difficult to look at something we’ve created with an unbiased view.

How can you be an instrument of equality?

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Learning to switch between your “Artist Brain” and your “Business Brain” is a very powerful skill to learn. It will allow you to check your ego at the door before you start working within a partnership. Everyone involved in a creative endeavor is equal and should be allowed to share constructive criticism.

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3. How Do You Create a Wonderful Atmosphere?

Being able to communicate openly and freely is very important, not only in creative endeavors, but in all relationships in life.

Having mastered the first two points in this article will allow you and your team to clearly share your thoughts, and listen intently while the other expresses their thoughts and ideas in turn.

Having a working communication system between team members is perhaps the strongest tool to ensure a healthy and constructive partnership.

Understanding that everyone has the right to free and respectful uncensored communication will allow for productive work flow. In addition, it also encourages growth, not just with the art being created, but in the strength and abilities of the team as a unit.

Communication is Key!

It allows everyone involved to feel comfortable in such an intimate environment, and will often lead to an enjoyable experience. When we enjoy something, we often want to experience it again!

4. What Do You Do With All The Ideas?

We create many great ideas however,
what if they’re not used?

An idea that isn’t used can be the catalyst for one that does. The process of flushing out an idea may end up teaching one or more people in the group a new skill, or offer a new perspective that ends up being applied towards the finished product.

Every idea leads to growth, better communication,
and building your team dynamics.

If you are working with people for the first time, hearing their ideas helps you to better understand their perspectives and where they are coming from.

Understanding one another allows for the group
to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing each other on such a deep level helps with communication, creativity, and productivity.

5. The Journey is the Destination

The most important part of working in a partnership with other people is building the relationships between everyone.

The art we create, either on our own or with others, is an extension of us. It could never be created without the human element. People are the most important part of the creative process, so when you get to work with others make sure to cherish that time together.

The process in which you work, grow, and rise together will say more about you than your art ever will.

How you personally make people feel will always resonate
with others more than your art will.

Take what you learn from working in any creative partnership and apply that to cultivating new relationships elsewhere in your life. Take the technical skills you learn and apply them to new artistic projects. Most of all, keep building relationships with your team members.


Article by: JD McGibney

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