How to Stay Focused and Positive

Article by: François Rocheleau
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Learn how to remain positive and creative as an artist today.

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Despite everything that has been happening in the world today, what can creators and influencers do to remain focused and creative?

1.  What Can Be Your Greatest Motivation?

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Learning to find happiness in challenging times.

Before the pandemic, we were all regularly jamming with other musicians, playing in gigs and music shows, etc.…However, this time that you spend alone now allows you to do things that otherwise you wouldn’t have time for.

Ask yourself: when you were busy before the pandemic, which things did you wish to do but you were thinking: “It’s unfortunate, but I am missing time for it!”. Now, is the time!

What’s the excuse now?

There is none. So… Write down a list of all these and DO IT! Work on these projects NOW, invest ALL your energy into them, so that you can benefit from this after the pandemic is over!

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2. How Do You Stay Ahead of the Game?

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Learn how to seize the day!

Instead of seeing the pandemic situation as a problem, shift your mindset:

see it as an OPPORTUNITY!

  • Develop new skills
  • Subscribe to training classes
  • Make new friends

How are you really leveraging your time?

It may be the only time in your life that you have the chance to work on the projects that you always dreamed of, without having to deal with all these distracting elements that are parts of the artists’ life!

It’s all about mindset! As I always say to myself when I am in the cold weather of winter: “OMG, it’s SO cold… it’s WONDERFUL as there are no mosquitos!” There is a positive side to everything! 😇

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3. How Do You Keep Going the Extra Mile?

Difficult roads will lead to beautiful destinations.

Is it possible to work with as much efficiently remotely as if you work physically together? What if it could be better? I can prove it here with an artist, Heather Walton who is my friend and also a featured creator of VQS Studio.

She got signed with an Italian record company and recently and made an amazing production plus a music video.

So, it is possible! Change your habits for the best and see this as an incredible advantage for the present and for the future! Keep these new habits even when the pandemic is over!

Ideas you can adapt to the “new normal”?

4. How Do You Keep Your Projects Fresh?

Expressing your true artistry.

Write down your words and use these feelings to create your art!

The most important thing in music is to communicate FEELINGS/EMOTIONS to your audience. It may be the best time ever to create a hit song that will put you on the map because your fans will fully identify with it!

How do you create real value to influence your audience?

Think about the fans: if they use your music to understand that the feelings they are living are normal and that they are not alone in this situation. Your audience will love you for who you are! 🤗

5. What Can You do to Stay Healthy?

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Mindset Check ✔️

When this pandemic started, it started so quickly. Many creators abruptly switched from the words “This life has a crazy pace, I have no time to enjoy it and take care of myself” to “Now I’m really stuck, what do I do now?” 🤔. This is crazy and funny at the same time, but so real!

Here are a few things you can do to improve your health.

  • Meditate
  • Eat healthier
  • Sleep better
  • Take more time to rest!

Being healthy will boost your creativity and productivity!

Now is the best time to take care of your health as never before! I hope that these 5 great tips are going to help you to pursue your quest to succeed!


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