5 Key Questions Before Any Social Media Campaign

Article by: Larry Banks
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Before you embark on any type of marketing campaign…

you need to have a clear idea of what you are doing. Many people will blindly launch a campaign in excitement which is never a recipe for success. It’s very unlikely you’ll get the results you were looking for.

Others don’t even think about a campaign at all. There is a tendency to market their products or services without any type of strategy at all. This is a rookie error, especially on social media which can be a minefield.

Doing it the right way is quite easy and all you have to do is ask yourself any of the following five questions before you launch your social media campaign.

1.  What Are The Goals Of Your Social Media Campaign?

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Before you even start coming up with ideas for social media posts you need to come up with the goal and objectives for your marketing campaign. Are you planning to increase social engagement, acquire new followers, increase brand awareness, increase sales revenue?

If you come up with well-defined goals you’ll easily understand the expected outcome of your social media campaign. 

We recommend that you make sure that your social media campaigns goals be aligned with your business goals. Since these goals will actively be contributing to your business’s bottom line and sustainability. 

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2. Where Can You Find the Right Target Market?

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Before answering this question, ask yourself:

  • Where does my target audience spend their time on the internet?
  • Which people make up the audience in my current social media platforms?

You’ll need to review your social analytics of your competitors, search engines, and your social platforms.

The first question will help you know which social media platforms to concentrate your energy on and which platforms to avoid. The second question will help you determine whether the audience currently in your social media platforms aligns with the type of audiences you most desire.

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3. How Will You Reach Your Target Market?

In online marketing, the brand is responsible for seeking out its target audience. Therefore, social media marketers need to seriously consider how they’re going to make sure that the target audience receives the message.

  • Are they going to use paid social media?
  • Are they going to post links to blog posts?
  • Are they going to ask for email signups for future follow-up messages?
  • Are they going to post links to a landing page on their website?
  • Are they going to employ the help of social media influencers?

Each of the above methods of message delivery has its advantages and drawbacks. Luckily, you don’t have to use only one of these methods. You can use a combination of these methods to maximize your marketing efforts.

4. What’s The Personality Of Your Brand?

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The main advantage of having a logo for your brand is it makes your brand easily recognizable. However, for your target audience to relate to your brand you need to do more than having a super cool logo. Your brand will need to develop its unique personality. 

Some people like to say brands should have their own unique voice. Which is actually true. However, we believe you should also remember that aside from a voice your brand should firmly establish its own values.

A brand’s values and voice are the main contributors to its personality. And to know this personality you need to come up with about five adjectives that perfectly describe your brand.

5. How Will Your Social Platforms Contribute to Your Campaign Goals

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All social media platforms are unique and have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before you think about launching a social media campaign, first identify how each platform will help you achieve your goals.

The above four questions should have helped you develop an idea of what your social media campaign should include. Therefore, you’ll have an easier time coming up with the answer to this question. That’s because your social media campaigns goals will have made it easier for you to come up with the needs of the campaign.


Article by: Larry Banks
More reclusive than a dog on a rainy day, Larry Banks is a freelance writer that is efficient and dedicated. You can find him in many places online, and his doctorate is quite the catcher. He best enjoys the company of books.

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