Why You Need to Attend NAMM’s Event

By: Philip Garcia
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NAMM is one of the biggest music conventions in the world. And it just got bigger: ONLINE. Enter “Believe In Music 2022.” January 20-21, 2022. We are celebrating the people who bring music to the world.

What’s the BIG deal?

My team here at VQS usually attends the NAMM Show to provide media coverage however, this year everyone is attending remotely. If you’re a music creator, music educator, instrument maker or music lover, you’ve got to check it out. Yep, it’s FREE!

Why you need to be at BELIEVE IN MUSIC WEEK

1. Education workshops for creators

Stay focused and empowered.

What’s hot and trending? NAMM offers some of the top educational workshops for music creators and entrepreneurs who are growing their brands. Here’s a peek at some of the workshop titles.

  • Finding Your Fit: Careers in the Music Industry
  • The Future of Music and Challenges…
  • 5 Keys to Online Marketing for 2022
  • Start Your Day with Rhythm
  • Cross-training in Music Technology

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2. Beautiful Music Performances

Discover new music and artists! 20 artists from 20 countries come together for five hours of livestream concert performances in a musical celebration as part of the Global Livestream.

3. Get Connected with Brands and Sponsors

Meet the people behind the technology and instruments.

Believe in Music week is an incredible opportunity to get inspired by making new friends and learning about their stories; what they sacrificed. More importantly, what it means to them to connect their brand to artists who make a difference. Here’s some more fun activities to get involved with:

  • Find sponsors and strategic partners
  • Watch new product demos
  • Participate in give-aways
  • Grow your brand

Make a difference. This is the best time to get connected and say hello with a virtual handshake. Start a causal conversation and let it manifest into a thriving relationship. We need new connections more than ever today.  – Philip Garcia – VQS Studio

I hope to see you there. Please reach out and connect. I’d love to hear from you.

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