3 Powerful Ways to Stay Inspired

By Cecilia Wen
VQS Studio advice for creative people

How are you staying inspired and creative with your content?

Table of Contents

  1. Keeping things Fresh and Alive
  2. Who are your Role Models?
  3. How Truly Diverse Are You?

Inspiration is a simple and limitless energy flow that lies in the beauty of the most ordinary things — an unexplainable feeling that everyone should and can experience.

Staying inspired can bring magic into your day-to-day life…

especially during this seemingly strange and stagnant time. Here are some helpful tips to stay focused and inspired.

1. Keeping things Fresh and Alive.

How often do you engage in new situations that cause you to grow?

It is important to consciously create new experiences in your daily routine. The word “new” can sound daunting and to achieve as we think of “new” as learning a new skill or moving to a new place, which are all amazing ideas to change things up. In reality it could be simply taking a new path to get home from work or from the grocery store.

Sometimes you just have to just go for it!

You never know what you are going to come across or what feelings you are going to go through during this new experience. Those uncertain moments can lead to your refining your real creative purpose.

2. Who are your Role Models?

photo by King Lip

Not everyone’s “favorite” role model or leader is going to speak to you or have an impact on you. So it is important to find someone you can truly connect with.

When was the last time you cleansed your social media and researched who you would like to see more of?

This does not need to be what is trendy or well-received, it just has to serve a positive purpose for you and inspire you.

3. How Truly Diverse Are You?

Let’s face it: we all live in our own bubbles as our points of view are shaped by our upbringings and past life. Therefore, we tend to have relationships, not just romantic ones, with people who are more or less similar to us.

Try this:

Look into people who are different from you—different cultural backgrounds, different careers, different political opinions, etc. Instead of aiming to reach for agreements or becoming besties, strive to see things in a different light.

Fresh perspectives can ignite the creative fire within. Tapping into something slightly different than your normal routine helps you grow stronger as a person.

Let’s keep it simple:

Catch yourself whenever you want to take mental shortcuts to make assumptions. Try to embrace the hidden life lessons that are available to you. This will truly help the world become a better place. Read our article on Embracing Chaos and Silence

By Cecilia Wen
VQS Studio advice for creative people

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