The Best of Career Strategy Tips for Musicians

Article by: Philip Garcia & Maui Pontevedra
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The best version of yourself can be achieved by being productive!

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Everyday is a challenge for everyone, especially in these trying times. How do you stay focused and productive? Here are our top 5 productivity tips we compiled just for you from our writers here at VQS Studio.

1.  Learn How Writing Can Impact Your Growth

A to-do list helps you to know what tasks you need to accomplish by the end of the day and stay concentrated when you lose track.
– Vika
From: 5 Tips to Boost Your Productivity 

Set aside time to write down how you are feeling and how your day has gone.
– Carley Varley & Philip Garcia
From: How Journaling Can Improve Your Life

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2. How to Improve Your Communication

Keep focused every day by listening to people who share great testimonies and learn from their mistakes and successes.
– Tia
From: How to Stay on Track No Matter What Comes Your Way

Openly listening to criticism and thinking of ways you can utilize it is important for our development. 
– Geryl Lipat
From: How to Grow into the Person You Want to Be

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3. Secrets to Staying Healthy

It is always good to be well fed and keep a schedule, this way your body has greater productivity peaks between mealtimes.
– Renata Vontobel
From: How to Get Organized Working from Home

Accept that diet is part of the process and a change you will have to make. You have to change your mindset with food.
– Em-Em Aban
From: How to Start Your Fitness Journey in 2021

4. Learn How to Truly Take A Break

A good night’s rest has been proven to enhance physical and mental performance, plus tons of health benefits.
– Pattie Lin
From: 5 Tips to Stay Healthy for Gigging Musicians

It is important to work hard but it is also important to rest and to take breaks when you need them, this will help you feel motivated and productive.
– Carley Varley
From: How to Stay Motivated for Creators

5. Your Perfect Gift to the World

One of the ways you can enjoy music is by teaching music and empowering your new students to strive towards a better future.
– Luke Motta & Philip Garcia
From: 5 Fun Side Hustles for Musicians

Mentor someone who could benefit from real growth and experience.
– Shushei Matsumoto & Philip Garcia
From: How to Find Fresh Ideas to Keep the Fire Burning


How will you use these tools and ideas in your artistry? We’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Philip Garcia & Maui Pontevedra

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