How to Stay Productive at your Home Studio

Article by: Alyssa Strickland
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Learn how to boost your performance with a home studio!

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Since the start of the pandemic, musicians, actors, and other performers have missed the joy of the stage. And as uncertainty continues, an at-home performance studio offers a great way to create incredible work that is perfectly safe for audiences and artists alike.

1.  How to find your budget

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Start with the finances to make sure you don’t go overboard.

  • Think of this project as an investment in your property value—you don’t want to spend more than you’ll reasonably get back.
  • Look through your monthly expenses and income to see what you can spare for the project.
  • If you want to get started now, but don’t have the funds already, you can learn about refinancing.

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2. Where’s the best place to start?

What you intend to create should drive your studio design.

  • Musicians and singers can use a studio to record music, work with producers, practice without bothering housemates, or take virtual lessons.
  • Create a new podcast is a great way for writers and actors to keep their skills sharp.
  • Start live streaming, making vlogs, or producing short films!

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3. How to step up your game as a creator

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The right equipment can bring your ideas to life.



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