Top 5 Secrets to Getting Featured on Music Blogs

Article by: Carley Varley
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Learn the step by step guide to truly grow in the music industry!

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As a musician, it is fantastic to be featured on blogs, this gives you the potential to reach new fans and it gets you exposure. Today I’m going to be discussing how to land blog features and my best advice in order to receive responses from blogs and even features.

1.  How to connect with top bloggers

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Learn how to reach out as an artist and start getting featured!

Many blogs have a ‘contact us’ section, blogs want to find new artists and new music, so if you feel your music is a great fit, them give them an email or fill out one of their forms.

It is also good to send a follow up email after a few weeks…

this way it shows you are actively keeping up with submissions and it will remind them or flag your email if they missed your submission. Don’t spam them with emails, but make sure that you are actively contacting blogs.

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2. What’s the perfect blog for you?

The best way to get featured is to target blogs that play similar artists to you.

Often blogs are set on one genre or style and so find these blog and submit your music. You can even write that you think your song would be a good fit because they have another artist that sounds like you. Finding the right blog is also crucial to your audience, you want to make sure the right fans find you!

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3. The BIG secret I learned with blogging

Building a relationship with blogs is incredibly important.

If you are featured, make sure to say thank you. If you want to be featured, make sure to engage with the blog you want to be on.

Showing a genuine interest and it’s not just being another page you want to be on…

will show bloggers that you are worth their time and that you really want to be on their blog. You can also see other artists and connect with them on these blog sites and this is a great way to build relationships too.

4. How your story can make a real impact

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Carley Varley

Send over all of your links and tell them about yourself.

Show who you are and not just the song you want to push. Showing who you are as an artist will grab their attention and it could lead to more features down the line. Make sure you are clear and precise when explaining what kind of music you make and what you write about, don’t tell your life story, but tell the blog enough to get to know you.

5. Does your social media really matter?

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Make sure your socials and links are up to date, latest images, music and reviews!

Blogs will look at these links and socials and decide if they want to work with you. It’s no use saying ‘My new song is out’, you send a link to your socials and your last post is a song from years ago, or the link in your bio on your socials sends you to your old song. Make sure your links are up to date and look great!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope these tips help you get blog features and build relationships with others in the music industry!  



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