LA based creator and producer Philip Garcia talks to singer-songwriter Masha Alexis about the importance of authenticity. Does Authenticity Matter Anymore?
Authenticity matters in leadership because it is directly linked to effectiveness. You know you can’t please everyone, so work to better your relationships with the people you can. Rather than showing people only a particular side of yourself, you express your whole self genuinely. How can we be more expressive? Be more vulnerable. Why does that matter? The more vulnerable you are, the more human you become. The more personal and unique you will be. Think of your favorite flavor… Something very acquired: perhaps coffee. Coffee doesn’t taste good generally. We have to grow to like it, usually from outside influence. From there, we find a unique flavor or spice that we like. That’s our unique taste. Otherwise we would just compromise and drink everybody’s coffee. We can do that, but not for long. That would be fake. And that’s why it really healthy for everyone to be authentic.

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