Neve Console 8078

Philip from VisionQuest Sound geeks out at NRG Recording Studios with mixer, engineer, Kyle McAulay. The 6,600 cubic foot control room is home to a custom built 64 input Neve 8078 which includes 24 channels of 1073 mic pres, and custom Dynaudio C4 main monitors. The Studio B/C lounge has a pub-like atmosphere with a mahogany bar, widescreen HD DirecTV with surround sound. Artists that have recorded here: AFI, Beck, Bon Jovi, Esperanza Spalding, Fiona Apple, John Fogerty, Korn, Motorhead, No Doubt, Papa Roach, Slash, Slayer, Smashing Pumpkins, Tom Petty, and more.

0:00 Intro
0:34 The Moroccan Room: Studio B Jay Baumgardner
0:50 Neve 8078
1:52 The sound of Rupert Neve
2:23 Neve 1073
2:52 Pultec EQ – tube
3:27 The Flex Capacitor
4:34 The speakers: near fields, mains, etc.
5:04 Can it take the 808?
5:17 Who’s been here?
5:52 Advice for producers & engineers

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Video by the VisionQuest Sound Team Host and show producer: Philip Garcia Camera: Max Tsarev

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