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Our VisionQuest Sound host, Christina Sofina  talks to Sully at the NAMM Show. The Conspiracy Series™ is a line of instruments based on the Sully Guitars models that you already know, along with some additional twists specifically for the product line. The Conspiracy Series guitars are built in South Korea by World Musical Instruments (WMI); this is the same highly regarded factory that builds Schecter, LTD, the Ormsby GTR line, and many others. The guitars will be shipped to Sully Guitars HQ and inspected by me before they go to you.
Available colors: Unicorn Sparkle, Pop Life Sparkle, I’ll Live, Sunset
Boutique Guitar ShowCase  |  Sully meets Kimberly  |  Pultec  |  They Make Unicorn Guitars?

Video by VisionQuest Sound Team: show producer: Philip Garcia Camera: Max Tsarev

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