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The X Factor UK 2015 S12E13 Judges’ Houses 4th Impact 10/24/15

Remember how we asked the question [previous article] did they win at X-Factor UK 2015

Your hear them saying here…”we started singing when we were little…Every note that we sing makes us closer to that dream…that standing ovation was the very best day of our lives…we have been trying and trying all these years…and we know this is the real shot.

4th impact singers from the Philippines

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The back story was revealed during the competition [ The Dream We Won’t Give Up ] that the “X Factor Hopeful are desperate to win the show to save their father from going blind from a brain tumor which will make him blind…they revealed that their dad Domimador Cercado was forced to give up his job as a machinist a # of years before, due to the irreversible vision loss and is now collecting recyclables on the street…the family does not have the funds for the surgery (Huff Post Entertainment 10/20/15)

4th impact singers from the Philippines

John Lennon – IMAGINE (Pentatonix Version) | 4TH IMPACT 1/2/19

4th impact singers from the Philippines

You May Say I’m a Dreamer
But I’m Not the Only One
I Hope Someday You’ll Join Us…And The World Will Be As One

Ratings soared and the UK Public went wild and fell in love with them as 4th Impact became the first Filipino group ever to enter the “Top 5″

4th impact singers from the Philippines

Then suddenly in Week #5, controversy struck as 4th Impact was eliminated and reportedly by fan vote.The Ratings dropped like a stone by 14 places.

4th impact singers from the Philippines

Just think how you would react after the soaring to the heights of thunderous applause and judges being wowed?

In the exit interviews…We want to thank all the UK public for accepting us and especially the X Factor…this is a dream come true for us, and we want to thank you for everything.”   

When asked if they had any regrets…”We’re so grateful for everything that has happened to us!”

The interviewers exclaimed “You girls are like a breath of fresh air!” 4th impact singers from the Philippines

“You don’t get any better than these girls.These big hearts, faith and never give up attitude are some of the things that are special about them. Love you girls” – (Dreamer J)

Important Fact:

“So did 4th Impact Go Home Immediately After Week 5?”….see soon for the astounding answer…

Many fans have asked through the years why they have not signed a huge big-label contract? 

THEY VALUE HONESTY AND TRUTH ABOVE ALL ELSE…Their Family Values Instilled In Them and They Continually Live By Today

4th impact singers from the Philippines

As one astute Reactor recently said these girls are very, very smart…they are not going to jump in the water just to see how deep it is (Uncle Momo)

Truth Is Like the Sun. You Can Shut It Out For A Time, but It Ain’t Going Away” – Elvis Presley

Yolanda Adams – I BELIEVE I CAN FLY | 4TH IMPACT COVER 12/14/10

Acknowledgements and permission:  Huff Post Entertainment, Dreamer J, Reactor Uncle Momo

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