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To quote one of the amazing 4th Impact Ladies on Sunday: 

Thank you for being there for us since Day 1…Now I realize that waking up each day is such a big blessing.  Realizing we have you Dreamers is such a big blessing…Now I don’t need a validation from the World becoz I have the most humble, beautiful, loving and kind souls in each one of you”.

There Can Be Miracles When You Believe

This moving and stunning song was released on April 16, 2020…4th Impact was now firmly in the grip of the pandemic quarantine, with all of their concert and gigs cancelled and wondering how their Family could survive without any income (Remember how we said that they are the breadwinners of the Family?)

4th Impact – When You Believe (NET25 Letters and Music Online)

Little did they know that almost exactly one year later, they would be desperately searching in their vehicle for a hospital anywhere for their Mother, the rock of the Family, who was desperately ill with COVID-19.

While in the vehicle they put out a YouTube video that soon went viral, 4th Impact was pleading for help for the people of the nation that has only enough vaccine for 20% of their FrontLine Healthcare workers and their Mother, whom they just rescued from a makeshift medical tent with other COVID patients with no doctor in sight.

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A Dreamer friend of theirs found an ER bed for the Mother, but when transferred to a regular hospital room, they found the
scary ratio of 20 patients to two nurses, and their Mother worsened rapidly.  The staff of the President of the Philippines, hearing the desperation in the video made room at one of the very top hospitals for the now gasping-for-breath Father, who had been under home care of their eldest sister/manager who is a trained RN.  The Mother, a few days later was able to also secure the one bed left at that same St.Luke’s Hospital in Manila and was put on a ventilator for the next 6 days in the ER there. 

It is truly a testament of their love and prayer…

that the 5 Ladies did 24/7 rotating shifts with each parent, sometime singing the Mother’s favorite songs to her while she appeared unconscious.  For the first 10 days they slept and ate in their vehicles that were in the hospital parking lot with the Emergency sign In their eyes…later a generous Dreamer booked them rooms at a nearby lodging.

Father Bob, an American priest on mission there, appeared at that critical juncture, and later said in their Mass Prayer and Livestream on Sunday that normally in the Mother’s condition he would not have given her a chance.  He said that he was quaking in his shoes, at the thought of meeting the famous 4th Impact of 2015 X-Factor fame, but soon found them to be the kindest and bravest souls that he had ever met…they in turn realized that 8 years previous, he had given a famous Mass at their church.  The tide turned, both parents miraculously improved to the total joy of Dreamers on 6 continents… the Ladies trying to keep them informed through the unimaginably sparse numbers of their Patrons, who of course shared everything and made time for posts for Facebook, Twitter and all social media. On April 28th and 30th the parents were able to be driven home

On May 2nd, 4th Impact and Father Bob had a Thanks Giving Mass and then a Livestream of mostly stories and some inspirational songs with up to 800 viewers on 4thImpact.live 

One of their special Dreamers expressed it best “When a Priest admires you as a person, you are doing something right.  These young Ladies are special beyond their talent…they are amazing women.”

Permission from Almira Cercado for quote; acknowledgement to Dreamer J for quote.

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