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So remember you wanted to K(NO)W MORE about how it was first released

4th impact singers from the Philippines

Remember how we said we’ll cover the back story of how it was attempted to be released by the girls in different forms?


One of those (Vertical Video-Quarantine Edition) showed their true resourcefulness.  They actually simulated a spotlight filming with their smartphone in the family apartment, by hollowing out the bottom of a paper cup to make a circular opening, then used their smartphone’s light source!

4th impact singers from the Philippines

They are the bread winners in the family and the pandemic took away their only source of income. They are extremely humble…God and Family comes first with them.

In late February, 2020, they had just recorded their 1st original single titled, K(NO)W More, with funding from one of their long-time Dreamer fans in Hawaii…before the virus hit, and the production of the video had to be halted. They were in utter despair in the total lockdown of the country.  So did they just sit back? 

So they released it in a dance version, lyric version, and the vertical video of which excerpts are above. It topped the charts in the Philippines for two weeks. 

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4th impact singers from the Philippines

They started trying on Facebook with their home WiFi, with varying success, to do covers to their loyal fans,i.e.”Dreamers”, and that is to be continued

And then…they hit upon showing that nowfamous work ethic.

KEY WORDS:  Exhausted, Electrifying  (listen closely_)

“The Making of K(NO)W MORE”

On a recent Sunday in their livestream, they suddenly found that their background music system had distortions, even though they tried to sing their recent cover “What Faith Can Do”, released 6 days before.

Three times they had to pause at the static noise…wondering what to do…until a Dreamer fan from the chat suggested they try it a cappella. Irene read that, laughed nervously, then a few other Dreamers joined in to encourage them. The girls were also uncertain because their Mother was not an involved spectator for the first time in their 20 years, not feeling well that week.

Little did they know they she was suffering from the early stages of a COVID infection. What followed became heart-rending to Dreamers, but much more, because it became an example of their devotion to Family, 24/7 hospital shifts with both parents, sleeping and eating in their vehicles in the hospital parking lot for the first 50% of 12 days.

Their Dreamers, tearful observers  when one or more of them sang to their Mother… Listen carefully to the message of this rendition, made so much more heart-tugging 2 days later after this performance:

Special acknowledgement goes to Dreamers D and W from the advisory panel on their valuable contributions here.

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Please join 4th Impact in a special Mass and Livestream this Sunday, May 2nd at 7:30 PM  Ph/4:30 AM PST at YouTube 4thimpact.live (all tips accepted). They are also so much in need of our contributions to the crushing (no medical insurance) hospital bills, which can be directed to the following routes of giving here https://gofund.me/4EF0E9E6

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