How Many Languages Can They SING?

Article by Buster01

What in the World?
4th Impact native Spanish speakers?

I thought they are full-blooded Filipino?

4th impact singers from the Philippines

Yes! They are Filipino, born and raised, and have never been to a Spanish-speaking foreign country yet. Twenty percent into this song, they suddenly break into a totally Spanish version. So who taught them how to speak the language, as there have been rumors that they learned this song in just TWO days!

Fun Fact #1:

Their manager-sister says that they listened to Spanish singers’ pronunciation and took it from there! But as one reactor has said “that’s individual words they’re hearing not a whole song! 

And can they sing in other languages?
How many and which ones?

German, Ilocano (their native lang), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog- OMG! 

Let’s go back to December, 2015

…in Notting Hill, London at St. John Church. This was just a few months after their international break-out performance audition at X-Factor UK on August 15, 2015.

They were in a church for services among Filipino countrymen when they were asked, totally impromptu, if they would perform a song. What you hear in Italian, is an unforgettable “The Prayer

Fun Fact #2:

You see them improvising with just one microphone, passing it between the first 3, but then…the Father’s clip mic appears to save the day, and the experience of a lifetime for their countrymen!

Wait, there’s more! Well, next time…

Article by Buster01|  Author


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