4TH IMPACT: The Perfect Time For Us

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4th Impact continued to dazzle and wow…

the X-Factor UK 2015 judges and audience at every turn!  The media viewing ratings skyrocketed internationally!  They were interviewed on the BBC.

“Ain’t No Other Man” The X Factor UK 2015 S12E21 Live Shows Week 4 4th Impact

4th impact singers from the Philippines

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Three months turned into four months, but as you see and hear though, there is the back story of their homesickness, being 6500 miles away from home and Family.4th impact singers from the Philippines

4th impact singers from the Philippines pinoy power


You will see during the act at about 4 minutes where the large Heart prop in back of them would have fallen over if not for 2 of the backup dancers leaping up simultaneously to stabilize it.

4th impact singers from the Philippines

These great Ladies have never forgotten their Childhood and their Dreams (see the Studio article here)…so even their sudden Fame didn’t change them as so many other artists.  They sang holiday songs in the Birmingham Children’s Hospital in London to fascinated hospitalized youngsters, who found them so easy to relate to because the girls didn’t tower over them

4th Impact at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

4th impact singers from the Philippines

And you will soon see in another more recent  heartfelt story to be told… 

4th Impact has been at times hesitant to do interviews in English, thinking they may not be fluent enough…but we Dreamers are just totally unaccepting of that…just look at this quote from these fabulous souls just 9 days before their Mother (their Rock all these years) became critically ill with COVID-19:

Hope you will all be inspired. Stay afloat. 😇 We dedicate this to all the Front-liners and to all of you. We can get through this!  Be strong and NEVER GIVE UP!”

A song of HOPE: Kutless – What Faith Can Do (COVER) | 4TH IMPACT

COMING NEXT…How did the Livestreams Develop, and Play a Life-Changing Role?

Acknowledgement to Dreamer D from the advisory panel for the FUN FACT contribution

And their Dreamers a Few Days Ago Heard This: “Thanks for being our 2nd family”.

   To Join this “2nd Family” of These Inspirational Ladies, see…

4th impact singers from the Philippines

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There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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