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Tennessee-based rock group, 7Descent, makes a storm with their debut single “Beverly”.

This fast-paced, heavy rock single, is an exciting and refreshing take on the classic grunge sound of the 90s that will leave you dusting off your doc martens and pulling out your old flannels. Heavily inspired by Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, 7Descent has created a new sound with their four-piece band made up of Vocalist Ishmael Herring (Milo), Ed Taylor on guitar, Brian Coffey on bass, and Andrew Crimmins (A.J.) on drums.

The song is driven by crunchy guitars and distorted drums…

…bringing to light the emotion and feeling that Milo brings to the table with his powerful vocals. “Beverly” is inspired by the ability to be authentically free from the tethers of uninspired love.

7Descent uses a sense of intuition and raw talent when making music.

The band is currently not signed to any label and no member has had proper music training. The band usually freestyle and some great music comes from it. Milo writes from real life experiences such as homelessness, addiction, etc. He also writes about dreams of better things in life to contrast his hard life, and they describe their sound as rock that moves you.

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