7Descent – Southwest Chief


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Simply remarkable and full of dynamite!

The Rock N’ Roll, heavy metal inspired band is just shy of two years old but has quite a mature sound. 

Heavy with electric guitars and metal vocals, “Southwest Chief” starts off with an electrifying guitar tune that leads the listener to curiosity and wanting more. With slight nuances to music of the Foo Fighters, 7Descent has musical inspirations from Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. Intense lyrics prove this song is meant for listeners with a heart for rock n roll. 

“Southwest Chief is actually an Amtrak Train that I would take from Santa Ana, California to New Mexico once a year. My mentor would purchase a private suite for me on the train. I remember all the beautiful American landscapes I journeyed through.

The song weaves together my nostalgia from that experience and snippets of my real life as well. Ultimately, the song is about the moments that define us.” – 7Descent 

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