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André Jay always brings high end energy to his performances,due to his influences of Reggeaton/Pop/HipHop/Alternative Rock its no question why the energy is there. He has performed at multiple venues in CA including the world famous Whiskey A Go Go and Troubadour. With many other performances under his belt, his stage presence has become very appealing. Send Andre a message.
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Latest News: I am currently working on a few songs, a variety of genres to be specific. I have a few Urban latin, Hip Hop, Pop songs in the works which will eventually be singles. My latest release was “Flowers” which was a Pop/HipHop Track, I love performing this one simply because it is so upbeat and has a great guitar riff to it, it sounds sooo god damn good live. Some of the lyrics to this song relate to my current relationship and how I feel about that person. Just a few lyrics, mainly the hook and first verse.
André, thank you for joining us today at VQS. Take us back in time to how you first fell in love with music.
It’s hard to say but one of those times would be back in the early 00’s when MTV’s TRL was a real big deal. I use to come home from middle school and first thing I would do was turn on the TV and tune into MTV’s channel and do my HW while watching/listening to all the music videos TRL promoted. I specifically remember watching Eminems “My Name Is” and Kanye Wests “Gold Digger” and completely falling in love with HipHop. Although I was already familiar with HipHop music, TRL introduced me to my first hiphop music videos, and for that I thank TRL.

What 3 core values do you believe are necessary for success?
Dedication, Self Belief and Ambition. If I wasn’t dedicated to the craft I’d probably still be trying to figure out my sound. Dedication allowed me find my sound and develop my songwriting skills. Self belief has kept me sane and has opened up doors for me, I guess when you really believe in something and people see that, they begin to believe in you or your vision. Ahh and yes my favorite, AMBITION, without my friend ambition; I’d probably still be living with my parents. Ambition has kept me on this music journey, Simply knowing that the End result is HUGE keeps me pushing.
Who have been some of your favorite people/projects to work with?
Some of my favorite projects would have to be when I organized my own Music showcase. I reached out to musician friends and enjoyed having them perform, they were all great to work with. This actually led to collaborating on a track with one of the artists I booked which is yet to be released.
What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?
There is an endless amount of opportunities that I would like to be involved in, such as music festivals, of all types! and specifically Performing during the evening. Something about being at a music festival while the sun is setting feels so damn good, picturing myself performing at a festival during that time of day…. Wowwwww Id be on a natural high.
I’d also like to headline my own tour and donate 10% of my sales of the whole tour to a charity from my hometown. Giving back to the city in any way would be a huge successful milestone.

image credit: Andlile Pelelani
André’s article: Improve Your Flow |  How To Give An Unforgettable Performance
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