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    “Make sure that you love what you create first.” – Tracy M (Balance9)

Tracy M

Hi Tracy welcome to VQS! Take us back in time to how you first fell in love with music.

I grew up on Lawrence Welk and Sailor songs church Hymns, God Songs in school, and R&B Love ballads; also progressive positive motivational Dance (House) music and Songs about truth and history (funk), Songs about struggles, the jazz movements from be-bop and boogie to Jazz Fusion.

I first fell in love with music staring into the long full wall stereo system that my mom blasted almost everyday when I as very young. I learned to change records really well, at a very early age.

The one fascinating thing that I do remember was knowing that every instrument I heard, there was someone that you can’t see playing that instrument. Going around the band in the music staring at the speaker was my thing. I really thought I could see them.

What 3 core values do you believe are necessary for success?

1) Make sure that you love what you create first, feeling good about someone loving your creativity does not compliment what it took to make it, only you know what it took.
2) Create to your own ability…If you don’t have a studio with the best guitars in it or the latest keyboards…create to the sounds that you have and your ability. Music is not and can’t be what it was it has to be what its going to be. I love 9 genres of music and I listen to them all but my contribution to music as a musician does not exceed what I can grasp.
3) Being a producer/composer means your scope on the project is much bigger than the musicians and the artist. The Producer dictates the how the instruments and vocals interact with each other. Its done when you know you would never want to go back and make changes.

Who have been some of your favorite people/projects to work with?

I got my early studio callouses from Hip-Hop in New York I was at all the studios working with everybody that I could. No favorites just everybody… well it was exciting to see Dela Soul create and they are a favorite.

I studied with Tony Williams and he told me things that go beyond words when you walk away from a session with him and people like Doc Powell or Kashif, their words stick.

But Now its Balance9 working with APJ and our Front Porch Cocktail Jazz is magical and I wanna see how far we can pull jazz and instrumental music forward.

What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?

There is too many jazz dudes that I would like to work with that don’t even know I exist but first, future opportunities would be, to compose or conduct a mini ensemble.
Joydoe music publishing will hopefully become very involved with the way to see new creativity forward. Text book opportunities about sound can build solid ground for understanding and identifying with personalized platforms and boundaries. However instrumental music awareness turns we want to be there.

Article by Tracy M.

GenerationX And The Effects In Modern World

As kids we evolved technology because our answers to questions led the way to the emergence of everyday needed uses.

Beepers, computers and mobile devices, spy plots, humor, entertainment vs reality, now the near their end. The strength and backbone for curiosity now days does not have a tag on it that says, if you are into the new future that’s really not on its way at all; you are buying into artificial world development. Its simple we are constantly tagging moments in real–time.

One answer to one little organic question concerning a new, needed, advancement of human culture, can change the dryness of hope or looking ahead. Making the colors brighter and a thinner screen HD. With hope that your car will drive you to the store or to the club with no driver, is that adding to the magic of existence and life phenomenon?
Now that we are clear about that simple fact, that there is much more to talk about as a human league (mankind). Let the new community gossip achievers, dissolve the evolved language and slogans of racism, and fallacy, because it’s a microscopic little burden on clarity. Maybe we should have waited a few more decades, then started pulling up from the old. Re-emerging Spider man, re-making classic songs, and hover boards from the 70’s. A small thread into the need to cast shadows on real reasons to live, prosper and keep a stiff upper lip, might not be so bad. Are the satisfied lost.

My advice is to keep a reference point and experience limits to manage one moment to the next.

Can you imagine pushing your mind and it doesn’t go anywhere, no samples of foreign imagination to reference, almost everything you do belong to the survival of life only?
One style of music and song in your head, no balance of 9 genres that you love. No you can’t, because what has evolved from necessity including the workings of awareness cannot be written as controlled Inside or Out.

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Article by Tracy M

We Have To Have

“This age that we live in at least for most, is co-signed in multiple ways by us with what we expect, our tastes, and our leverage.” – Tracy M.

To have a grip on it all is to know the lines not to cross, the ones that impact, your personal representation of, living by example, its not a bad deal at all. But if looked at beyond the things that strengthens, we have to have a functioning secure and satisfied, journey.
Some people imagine more than they can grip. For example the expectations, tastes, and leverages of others, influences, especially in art and music. If the natural blessing of our coming age is seeing beyond the self-centered popularist, then whats left to be seen is probably, a global, universal understanding of strengths and talents, that use the same source.
This is good, another unspoken language for the evolved. Man deserves a pat on the back whether its known, or just ignored. We are no longer victims of the genious who knows more. The average body in our experience have a, in-line with life, necessary journey, going on with every moment. Less curiosity about making things better is acually making the world a better place.
Elbow room is happening without the fight, thanks to those that are willing to step up and express our global gift more and more, no more we are not having it in scattered walks of life.

With this in Mind

1. Don’t Blind Anxiety …Create with differences
2. Complete lingering tasks
3. Feel good about planning ahead with the plan thats already ahead.
4. Realize that some things go on even after you throw them out, to come back to a idea later can sharpen your artistry
5. Stay aware of something that you can learn later in life
Someone new might come along without the jazz legends experience at all, but kinda loves music. What would be the first way of approaching the Geologic angle about Jazz itself. It would not be to bother the historical timeline of how it came about and what color it sounds like.
A heart to heart listening and spontaneous review with a modern original like Christian Sands Gangstitude, or even a track from Inside Out by Balance9 Statute for example, would lay a proper expectation and footing for a life with jazz. The conversation after a listen should stiffin up just a little bit, like twenty more minutes till the turkey is done.
Anyway its a grip on something simple…we can get really ignorant or we can get something from this overdue invitation to expand the musical arena. All i’m trying to say is the terms and conditions of how music was once loved is the same as always been if its jazz.
Latest News

Inside Out the album was released on 5/7/20. Officially. The music came from a catalog of tracks that I was preparing to submit for TV/Film placement. But I wanted to do a jazz instrumental album with vocals only on the hooks, that’s how it started. Denise Beason (aka Taufi) had already written and performed vocals with B9… so we recorded vocals for 110 At Night and Human League. Teddy Diaz is featured on 110 and my favorite track Escape on guitar with Ronnie Felder on Bass.

Meanwhile Grov (sirslapnasty) was sending his bass input and stems from Detroit that gave the project a jazz fusion edge. I asked APJ to come back to the studio a couple more times after we met, late 2019, his sax/digital sax sound added a new angle to the main lines and we became Balance9.
We did Human League and Two Sky’s and Sway first and he ended up on the whole album. We hit it off working together so well a Christmas EP was born quickly, we called it “To All Of You” and released it as Balance9. Inside Out was actually cut down to 9 tracks, and came in to 2020 ready to mix and release. The goal now is to grow our radio rotation and allow people who has never heard of Balance9 to know us and stay with us. We want to pull jazz forward.

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