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Beth Crowley women empowerment singer-songwriter musician

photo by Libby Danforth

Hi Beth, welcome to VQS!
Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

My name is Beth Crowley and I’ve been putting my original music out on the internet for almost ten years now. I really started to find my own little pocket in the music world when I began writing songs that were inspired by my favorite books and series, but I’ve enjoyed constantly pushing myself to write about anything and everything from heartbreak to mental health to relationships.

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Beth Crowley women empowerment singer-songwriter musician

photo by Libby Danforth

Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration for this new album?

Released 5/19/21.Thank you! It literally started when I told someone that was taking a real emotional toll on my life that they were exhausting and thought to myself, “I should write a song about this.”

I think there is at least one point in our lives where we realize that we are in a relationship that is one-sided, whether it be with a significant other, a friend, or a family member.

This song is the anthem for when you hit your breaking point and are ready to call someone out for taking way more from you than they give back.

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It’s not exhausting to listen to Beth Crowley sing about an exhausting relationship, although I can’t help but instantly feel the tension and pain. Her lyrics – descriptive yet poetic – instantly bring up images in the listener’s mind. But while there’s melancholy about the inevitable breakup in her amazing voice, there’s also a defiant vibe of breaking free from a toxic relationship. The music builds to the final chorus, and you can feel the relief she feels from being free after all that time.

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What lessons would you like to impart with your audience?

I would love for people listening to “YOU’RE EXHAUSTING” to feel empowered to stand up to someone that is taking advantage of them. It means so much to me when people say they can relate to my songs or that the lyrics say something they haven’t been able to verbalize.

I’ve written a lot of sad songs about feeling defeated in a toxic relationship, so it was fun to write something sassy and sarcastic.

Beth Crowley women empowerment singer-songwriter musician

photo by Libby Danforth

What is your favorite part of the song?

There is a line that I love that says “it’s not some competition, there’s no prize for who’s been hurt the worst.” It seems like people are always dismissive when someone else is hurting if they think they’ve been through worse, but there’s no need to invalidate what someone is going through just because you don’t personally think it rates high enough on the emotional pain scale to be important.

Anything else we should know about it? Future releases?

I have a release schedule where I put out a new song every month, so I always have something going on! I’ve got several things coming out in the next few months, including a song based on the show The Witcher that I just filmed an epic music video for.

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