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Briana Cash drops her new single “Make It Count” so make sure to check it out!

Los Angeles, CA – Award-winning singer songwriter Briana Cash held a free concert for the Committee for Kassandra Gove on Saturday, September 25th at 6:30pm in the Upper Millyard Amphitheater in Amesbury. Cash has gathered together a group of local Berklee musicians in support of Gove’s re-election campaign for Mayor of Amesbury. Band Members: Santiago Lopez – Guitar, Sam Smith – Bass, Tom Lynch – Drums, Scott Ouellette – Guitar, George Allendorf – Keys, Zishi Liu – Saxophone.

The song has found a purpose for how important it is today to make your voice heard and your vote count.

At the beginning of the pandemic, she came back to Amesbury to be close to family, and while she was here wrote a new song called “Make It Count” with co-writer Dennis P. Coronel. “I didn’t write it with politics in mind,” says Cash. “I thought it totally appropriate for Kassandra’s campaign because in my opinion she has made her time in her role as Mayor count!”

We are stronger together.

“Briana and I first connected online in 2019 when Amesbury was in the running for Small Business Revolution,” said Mayor Kassandra Gove. “She was incredibly supportive from Los Angeles, encouraging people to vote and promoting #MyAmesbury. It was great to hear from her again, this time with her offer to hold a concert for the campaign. I heard her new song ‘Make It Count’ and I love the positive energy that Briana has put out there, and I’m honored that she has given us the license to use this song for the campaign. As she says, “we’ve certainly made the most of the past two years despite the challenges we’ve faced because we’ve faced them together.”
After Small Business Revolution and Mayor Gove taking office, Cash has been impressed with the changes she’s seen in Amesbury over the last year, especially during the pandemic. “We all have seen so much in the last few years that coming together as a whole is so important right now. To support one another, be kind, be compassionate, and be patient with each other. I’ve noticed some major positive changes happening for the City of Amesbury. I like what’s happening here, and I like what Kassandra stands for. I’ve never met Kassandra personally, however we’ve chatted and I’m impressed with what I’ve seen and want to encourage others to really pay attention, get informed and make their vote count this year.”

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