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“Singing is my passion and the #1 thing I love doing everyday.” – Briana Lyn

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LA based session singer, vocal coach, songwriter, and actor Briana Lyn brings a smooth, rich, and radiant sound to every project. She has had opportunities to be a guest soloist in numerous venues in front of thousands of people for concerts and sporting events. Briana is a classically trained vocalist and received a Bachelors in Music from North Central University in Minneapolis, MN. She enjoys songwriting sessions with music producers and other songwriters. Briana has a home-based music studio where she records vocals for her own projects as well as for other artists & music producers. Briana recorded a children’s music album a few years ago called Lullaby Trio, where she showcased one of her original songs, “Ladybug”, along with some of her other favorite Disney songs.
As a session singer, she specializes in Country, Pop, Jazz & Disney. Along with her performance career, she is a professional vocal coach & keyboard instructor. She has experience as a choir director and received certification as a Yamaha music instructor with the Yamaha Corporation. Briana owns and operates Briana Lyn Studios, a multi-teacher music studio serving both LA & Minneapolis. To get in touch, send Briana a message here.
Briana, thank you for joining us at VQS today. What core values do to believe are necessary for success?
The core values that are necessary for success are the following:
1. You must have a laser focus vision on what you want to do and where you want to go. There’s a saying “Without a vision, people perish” and I firmly believe that’s true.
2. You must create an action plan with how you’re going to achieve these results. What are you willing to sacrifice (time, money, etc) in order to reach your goals? These are all things you should think about and write down.
3. Don’t listen to voices that doubt your plan. You must stay focused and determined that no matter what you’re going to do whatever it takes to see this vision manifest.
4. Be consistent-once you know what steps are needed to achieve the results you want, you need to stay consistent to implement them, trusting that you’ll see the results you want.
5. Be flexible with the methods that lead you to reach your goals. Your mindset never changes, but the methods you use change as times and seasons change.

Who have been some of your favorite people to work with?
I have worked with I Heart My Voice for about 2 years, where I received vocal & business coaching with Roxie, Logic Pro coaching with Lucas and went to one of their performance masterclasses. They are incredible people that have impacted me greatly as a singer, artist and entrepreneur. I have worked with an online voice app called, where I demonstrated on-camera vocal exercises alongside Matt Edwards, a distinguished vocal coach, pedagogue and researcher. I have trained with Gerald White in sight singing. I have also taken Tim Davis’ studio intensive for session singers at Warner Brothers Studio. I have gigged at various venues around town including The Dresden and Molly Malones Irish Pub. I received certification as a music instructor with the Yamaha Music corporation based in Buena Park.
What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?
I am working in the session singing industry and would be open to even doing some touring with an artist down the road I am a songwriter as well, collaborating with other artists here in LA. I’m working on submitting some of my songs for licensing. I also am a commercial actor and will eventually move my way into tv work.

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