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Caley Rose
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Caley Rose is an LA based singer-songwriter that brings fresh a unique Indie Pop sound with a fresh twist.
Latest News: Hope your friends and family are safe, sanitized, and healthy.   I know times are crazy, but hopefully positive music can help bring a tiny smile wherever they hide! Presave my upcoming single, “Something New” 

It took one spontaneous jump off a 360 foot cliff in New Zealand for Buffalo born Caley Rose to discover that she was a songwriter. She enrolled at the Songwriting School of LA the moment her feet hit US ground and began writing for pop and electronic artists, before deciding to share her story through her own heartfelt music. This former opera and Off-Broadway singer’s songs have been featured in commercials for Lipton and Tomorrowland Music Festival. Her past life as a voice over actress and her sunny, candid demeanor gives her Indie Pop sound a fresh twist. Send Caley a message here
Caley, thank you for joining us at VQS today. What core values do to believe are necessary for success?
Hard work and divine timing. And then some more hard work. Oh, and being a nice person!
What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?
I want to play more live shows and write all the world’s best songs!

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