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Upbeat and totally alive!

Carter has managed to find much success in the indie world.

He has recorded, performed with, been taught and produced by, and worked with artists, musicians, and producers such as bassist Mark White of Spin Doctors, who was featured on his single “Chasing Vampires”. He is known for his versatility in a wide variety of instruments (guitar, vocals, bass guitar, drums, piano, synthesizer, ukulele, mandolin) and styles ranging from all forms of rock, blues, jazz, and recently LoFi with his new side project North Village.

Carter has received positive feedback from artists like William Goldsmith of Foo Fighters and Sunny Day Real Estate, Grady Owens and many others. Additionally, Carter has recorded original music for mini-documentaries, along with having film credits for playing acoustic guitar in Director Quinn Fluet’s short film Singularity (2021). 

Watch Carter Brady perform “Starlight” right here:

“Starlight” is an upbeat anthem about the longing to feel the “starlight” of fame.

With all the hardwork and commitment it takes, all performers yearn for the validation of stardom, and Brady channels that craving into his lyrics.The video presents Brady in many alter egos simultaneously playing all the instruments within the band, with slightly different outfits and shades.
At the end of the video, these duplicates all disappear, and we are left with Brady and his guitar center stage. This clever staging not only shows his diverse musical ability, but reminds us that at the end of the day as a solo musician, it is up to you to create your path to get into that starlight.

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