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Article by Costis: How To Connect With Your Audience During LIVE Performances

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Costis de Viant is an LA based singer-songwriter and poet. Send Costis a message.

Hi Costis, welcome to VQS! Take us back in time to how you first fell in love with music.

I was just 13… I started having a fascination for rock music, so I was inspired to buy a guitar. I had no previous musical training, and when I bought the cheapest classical guitar I could find, all I wanted was to start playing songs on it. The first revelation came when I realized I could play on the guitar whatever I listened to, initially by just playing the tunes on one string.

Then, it was all about discovering the instrument, and becoming better and better. To this day, I am still self-taught. The second revelation came shortly after, when I purchased my first CD: Nirvana’s Nevermind album. So one day, when I was home alone, I played the CD over and over, and while singing to the lyrics, I realized I could hit some of the vocals pretty well. And the rest is history, as they say. I started composing a few years later, and started performing and recording ever since.

singer songwriter costis de viant

What 3 core values do you believe are necessary for success?

Even though success is very subjective to every person, I would personally define it as “the alignment of what you hope for and what you end up having”. In other words, achieving your personal goals, while learning vital life lessons.

The 3 core values that are needed in this case are:
✔️ Authenticity
✔️ Dedication
✔️ Ingenuity

Who have been some of your favorite people/projects to work with?

As a musician, I have truly enjoyed working with the producer of my first EP, Miltos Schimatariotis from Northside Studios. In addition, I always enjoy performing with my Terminal Values band, a project we have had for 12 years now, and whose members live in 18 different countries. Lastly, I really enjoy performing with my dear friend Inanna (a fellow VisionQuest Sound artist), and helping her with her inspiring project.

What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?

I would love to collaborate with other fellow musicians, who share similar musical tastes. I am looking for producers and music managers, for opportunities to create more music for. Also, I would like to be considered for music licensing and placements opportunities.

Article by Costis coming soon

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