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Crystal McGrath is leading the charge of today’s modern country music.

country singer songwriter woman in music

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This toe tapping, two-stepping anthem is what Nashville and the world wide country scene craves. Crystal has tapped into the Americana scene and is ready for a seat at the table with the likes of Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves and Carly Pearce. “About A Boy” features strong vocals, catchy melodies and a story we’ll always remember!

– Lee Lontoc Hollywood Vocal Coach

Hi Crystal, welcome to VQS!
Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

country singer songwriter woman in music

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Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration for this new song?

Released 6/11/21. The song was written by Emma-Lee, Karen Kosowski, and Robyn Dell’Unto, and is the first song that I have ever recorded and released that I didn’t write! They are amazing songwriters and I am so honored to have been able to record one of their song babies.

country singer songwriter woman in music

Every girl can find a piece of this story to relate to.

 The recording process was definitely different than normal, we all wore masks and there were no celebratory high fives or hugs… but we still got the job done in a safe and isolated manner!

What lessons would you like to impart with your audience?

Ask any girl- they have had some moment in their life where their world revolved around a boy. There’s humor in it to me, as much as we are independent and confident we are all still human, and honoring the human emotions getting real with a feeling is something super important to me.

“About A Boy” speaks to any girl that has moved on from a relationship but still misses pieces from it.

What is your favorite part of the song?

This one really stood out to me for a few reasons. I loved how the start of this song really paints the picture of a confident girl, and then leads into a quieter moment watching a girly film and really makes you feel that moment when even though you’re cool with being “alone”, but seeing romantic moments makes one long for that natural human connection.

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Anything else we should know about it? Future releases?

I am releasing a collection of songs later in 2021, so stay tuned! As always, expect everything to have a lot of sparkle.

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