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How Do We Fight The Good Fight? |  When Life Comes Crashing Down

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“The moment you feel like giving up…Don’t. For that is just the place and time that the tide could turn into something beautiful.” – Elysia Marie, Founder – Strong Is Beautiful LLC
Elysia Marie Norris is a singer-songwriter who is known for her passion and soul that drives the music that she sings. Her mission is to positively impact the world in love through the art of music. This year, Elysia will be launching her debut E.P. titled, “When It All Falls Down.” In this E.P. Elysia writes to hit deep. Writing and singing about the need of hope, searching for revival. She writes about wrestling with the many struggles that people face in life; faith, love, failure, and loss. The human experience in a broken world. Her desire is to express a perspective that will bring a beautiful sense of peace, joy, empowerment, direction and victory in the midst of it all. To find light where there seems to be none and a strength and peace that is beyond us. Elysia’s prayer in faith is that the songs reflect a style of writing that connects directly with many different people from many walks of life and that her songs meet them right where they are at in their lives. Send Elysia a message here
Articles featuring Elysia: How Do We Fight The Good Fight?  When Life Comes Crashing Down
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