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Gracie drops a sizzling summer anthem!

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This is female pop country at its finest. Breakup Szn is the perfect anthem with a great melody calling on all women to stand up and do it their way! Gracie displays exceptional tone, fluid phrasing and strong artistic flavor. She has a bright future ahead and we are rooting for her!

– Lee Lontoc Hollywood Vocal Coach

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Breakup Szn is for anyone who is going through a breakup or has gone through a breakup that left you feeling like your heart gotten broken into so many pieces” – Gracie

Gracie wrote this song after three months of depression and lack of motivation from the breakup. With her recent viral success with the release, she’s found that people all across the world support her and this song. However, she’s also found herself navigating the negativity received by jealousy and people that aren’t supporting the success because of the situation. —

Country-pop singer-songwriter, Gracie Carol, steps into the world of country music. With early roots in the genre, Carol found her love for country music and its songwriting from listening at a young age and playing shows around her hometown of Cincinnati. At the age of 17, her true colors emerged in 2014 after singing with Keith Urban on his Raise Em’ Up Tour at Riverbend Music Center.

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