Inanna: “Heal” music video


A dance experiment on Inanna’s latest single, “Heal.”

16 dancers and 1 drummer from all over the world performing in their homes the ancient Zaar dance (a traditional Middle Eastern ritual)

Eco-pop singer Inanna has made it her hallmark to combine the ancient and the hypermodern, and to give a sense of mystery and hope to our global predicament. Following up on her pandemic quarantine song “Strange days”, Inanna new single “Heal” has found its proper moment:

Building on the age-old Egyptian Zaar dance…

a ritual of cleansing, this song takes us through a process of trance and togetherness in this time of collective healing. Starting with slow rhythms in a temple-like, hypnotic atmosphere, the song builds up to a long, fulfilling climax, with layered voices and intense drums.

The lyrics ingeniously tie together body and mind, humanity and the Earth – all united in a dance as if in a rite of passage, getting ready for a new beginning. Inanna’s voice ranging from the intimate whisper to operatic intensity performs the song like a spell or incantation, at first enigmatic, but ultimately welcoming and empowering.

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The song is accompanied by a quarantine dance video…

with participants from across the globe, performing the Zaar to Inanna’s music and Darbuka drums. The collage of videos not only illustrates the song, but shows its enactment in a collective ritual – each dancer taking part from their own home, united by the song and a shared situation.

The 16 women are captured in black and white, and all the diverse images are united by the same hypnotic movements, a shared state of mind and body.

The video feels like a real reawakening of something ancient and mysterious, which is brought to life by the dancers in a very direct way, through wavy movements, solemn postures and dizzying tossing of long hair. The rekindling of these old traditions becomes an immediate image of a reunion with the Earth and with each other, reminding us that healing means regaining a lost unity and vitality.

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photo credits: Tim Rosales

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