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A powerful, engaging and inspiring anthem!

Hi JD, welcome to VQS!
Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

JD McGibney is a warrior guitarist that conquers his battlefields on the wings of dragons.

Uniting with the forces of likeminded individuals, he fights to strengthen worldly brotherhood and lays his experiences bare for others to see the power of one’s trials and tribulations.

With a humble beginning on Long Island, New York, JD McGibney developed a strong bond with playing guitar. He found that the anxiety and inner turmoil growing within him throughout adolescence was kept at bay with the power of music.

Growing his career in both Los Angeles and New York City, JD McGibney has lent himself to aid likeminded and inspiring people. Helping to facilitate projects and events that aimed to build on the sense of community within the world of entertainment.

As a teenager, JD McGibney had been inspired by the lives of his music idols. As a professional, he was inspired by the resolve of his mentor, Thomas J. Bellezza of BBR Productions, and the people he surrounded himself with in the entertainment industry.

Experiencing first hand the power of inspiration and encouragement…

…JD McGibney goes out of his way to encourage people to take that next first step they might be afraid to take in their lives. Sharing his own personal process, JD lives transparently to show others the possibility of the impossible.

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Congrats on the release!
What was your inspiration for this new song?

Released on October 22, 2021. The inspiration behind this song was inspired by my own personal struggles with anxiety. The song started coming together on its own as something heavy and dark, but very quickly turned into an uplifting and encouraging anthem in its resolve.

What lessons would you like to impart with your audience?

I hope that this song portrays encouragement to all who hear it.

Reminding listeners that no matter what it is they face today, tomorrow, or further in the future, that they always have the strength to conquer their battlefields.

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Anything else we should know about it?

A portion of the royalties will be donated to the mental health non-profit organizations The You Rock Foundation and the National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) to help them with their mission of building better lives for the millions of people affected by mental illness.

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About the Author
My experiences in life taught me lessons that are meant to be shared and inspire people. I thank my family for the motivation and my God, who orchestrates everything. My life, to Him and Him alone.
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