I hope to encourage people who are going through a similar struggle as I did and as I currently am, where you don’t feel like you’re enough — beautiful enough, skinny enough.” – jly
jly (pronounced like the summer month of July) is a rocket scientist by day and pop singer-songwriter by night. Her love for music began at a young age, singing and performing through out school, but she got her degree in electrical engineering and a 9-5 job before she chose to pursue music full time. jly recognized her talent in songwriting then spent time in Nashville working on songwriting and performing at open mics before coming back to LA, participating in more songwriting workshops and open mics and releasing her EP “Fresh Face”. Jly strives to push forward the message that people should love themselves first and be proud of who they are.
She’s performed at 626 Night Market, Sunday Jump, Kulak’s Woodshed, and Recess Mic, finding her community in LA’s Asian American creative scene.
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Articles by jly: 5 Tips To Successful Co-Writing,  Networking For Artists: The Smart Way.

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