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REMEMBER that we would relate another Heartfelt Story [4th Impact Resourcefulness]

IN MID NOVEMBER, 2020, TYPHOON ULYSSES STRUCK THE PHILLIPINES WITH 132 MPH WINDS. THE CATEGORY 4 created the worst disaster in almost 50 years.

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The household of 4th Impact lost power and huddled together in one room for warmth.  In the morning, they found they had no running water either.  But nothing prepared them for the devastation they saw.

But they refused to be paralyzed into inaction. They were asked to perform with 1.5 hours notice, at the noon Wowowin show that day with a band they had 15-20 minutes warm up with.   And a day later…

“LIVESTREAM FOR A CAUSE” opening song-The Prayer

You remember this song from Dec., 2015 How Many Languages Can They SING? ] but there is a HUGE difference…beaming, smiling faces contrasted to the S0LEMN, HEARTBROKEN faces here… because of the devastation to their country. Singing their hearts out, trying to hold back their tears, on a quest to help heal their Country.

Two days of livestream donations from Dreamers, just overwhelmed by their Hearts of Pure Goldgiving well in excess of $17,000!

“God Bless 4th Impact Family and Friends! Fellow Dreamers…you gave hope in the form of these beautiful Angels who did everything themselves, instead of just in a planned pose, handing over a check. Who else is so giving without a second thought…who else exemplifies all that is good among the human race?!” (Dreamer B)

Their whole family shopped with their over-the-brim baskets forming a long line

4th impact singers from the Philippines


Using their own family apartment to bag food, clothing, blankets…taking water and sacks of rice.  They rented a large oversize van the size of a small bus and traveled to their poor rural home province of Isabela… then to Marikina a couple of days later.

4th impact singers from the Philippines

“To give something to someone that has little or nothing is huge to them.  We may not change the devastation of such events but we can change the lives of those who suffer from it.  I am very proud to be a member of the Dreamer Family World wide and thank everyone for supporting 4th Impact.” (Dreamer K)

4th impact singers from the Philippines


And that is not the only time they shared

Just a month after 4th Impact started their Livestreams Livestream Inspiration ] and established their Patreon support…they decided to go back to where they lived in the less fortunate area of Quezon City.  Besides the numerous foodstuffs you see here, they later, with Patreon funds, fixed their leaking walls and roof, bought replacement fans and saw to it that they no longer had to sleep on the floor! 

Video “Giving Back”

And People ask Dreamers why we love 4th Impact so much, It is Things like this…they have the incomparable talent, but they are always giving of themselves first.”  (Dreamer H)

Join the incredibly talented 4th Impact and become part of why their Dreamers want to be themselves Family on their Patreon.  There is almost daily exclusive content.

4th impact singing what makes you beautiful   


Being the Queen is not all about singing, and being a diva is not all about singing.It has much to do with your Service to People”- Aretha Franklin

4th impact singers from the Philippines

photo by GMA Network


Acknowledgements to quotes from: Dreamer S, Dreamer B, Dreamer K, Dreamer H of the panel

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There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.
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