Content by Lee: The Importance of Hearing in Singing
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“Sometimes you just have to step off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.” – Lee Lontoc, Hollywood Vocal Coach

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The Voice Teacher

I first became involved with music at a very early age. I started playing classical piano at the age of 6 and continued throughout college.

Because of my love for music I attended The Berklee College of Music as a teen and then went on to the infamous Dick Grove School of Music in Studio City, CA.

I studied with some of the greatest musicians in the country from Dick Grove (Grammy Nominee) himself to Clare Fisher, Joe Harnell, Lou Levy and David Angel. This is where I began some of my vocal training under the likes of Janna Brown and Sue Raney (4X Grammy Nominee). The Grove School of Music was specifically designed to get musicians up to the pro Hollywood standard for touring, studio musicians and professional music careers.

Part of my journey led me to share the stage with some of the biggest musical acts including George Michael, Jermaine Stewart, Manhattan Transfer, Chick Corea, The Brecker Brothers and others.

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We were also signed to Trevel Productions headed by R&B legend Gerald Levert and which also included The O’Jays, Levert and The Rude Boys. I also road managed groups Ready For The World (MCA Records) and Damian Dame (LaFace Records)

When I came back to Los Angeles, I continued my musical education and became the Education Advisor for Speech Level Singing (Seth Riggs) Los Angeles. It was my responsibility to hold educational seminars for the local SLS Teachers to insure they were properly trained and understood the SLS Technique.
In my career I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great singers and actors including Saoirse Ronan (Little Women) Melanie Brown (Spice Girls, America’s Got Talent), Mike Dirnt (Green Day), Diego Schoening (Timbiriche, Un Nueva Dia), Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie, That 70’s Show), Emma Caulfield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once Upon A Time), Fatlip (The Pharcyde) and many others.
Come to a pro studio that can help you gain the colors and precision in your singing voice. Professional training for the professional sound.
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Article by Lee: The Importance of Hearing in Singing

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