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Bold & fearless with a breath of fresh air!

Lyia Meta is an international multi award-winning singer-songwriter,
and an exhibited visual artist.  

Born in Malaysia and currently based in the country’s capital city, Meta finds her greatest influences in rock and blues, yet she fearlessly defies genre barriers in every project she creates, consistently delivering a refreshing sound that speaks to listeners across generations worldwide.

Watch the latest video from Lyia Meta’s EP release right here:

Lyia Meta’s newest EP was released on January 31, 2022 with the songs Uptown Tonight, Black High Heels, You Think About Me the Way I Think About You, A Real Man Can, You Always Come Home to Me. The lyrics were written and produced by Bob McGilpin and Lyia Meta.

Meta’s inspiring passion for her craft and her phenomenal ability to effortlessly glide in and out of multiple genres, including metal and country, has led her to win remarkable acclaim around the globe. 

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