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Women empowerment, change and love.

MiruDaru, welcome to VQS! Tell us a little bit about you and your music.
We are a brother and sister duet from Venezuela now based in Los Angeles. Our musical style is a fusion of Pop, Jazz and Ballads. We like to incorporate multicultural aspects into our songs and shows so we can create a different sound and musical experience. We are heavily influenced by Japanese Pop and traditional Japanese culture which in addition to our Latin-American blood and American school has helped us create intercultural bridges with our music. We like to tell stories that people can relate to; we are looking to connect with the listener and make them feel understood, human and encouraged. Our songs come from the love we receive, the pain we experience when things are the hardest, and the encouragement we feel we all need to keep moving forward.
Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration for this song?
Released 7/11/2020. HER is every woman that has been in our lives and have inspired us in many ways. This song comes from the struggle many women go through every day. They deserve to be rewarded and recognized for all the love, kindness, sacrifice, and hard work they give everyday. We come from a family of mostly women on our mother side and we’ve seen how hard they’ve had it. How much resilience they show and how they thrive through adversity and illness. Our female friends have also played a big role in our life, we’ve had their unconditional support at our lowest points and they are always there for us whenever we need them. This song is about all of them, all of those women we haven’t met yet, and all of those we might never meet, but that deserve to be acknowledged.
What is your vision for this song? What lessons would you like to impart with your audience?
We want to send a message of love and support for women. Unfortunately, we live in a world that doesn’t recognize most of the time all the wonderful things that women do for it. They run the world and not enough credit is given to them. We believe that change can happen and that we can all make it safe for everybody because there’s no doubt that it’s not safe for women in particular. We all have mothers, friends, sisters and we can all do better for them. We can relate to the fear of loosing them, of them getting hurt, of them getting advantage of, that is why we want to invite people to open their heart and create awareness and opportunity for them.
What is your favorite part of the song?
“Let your heart be healed, come to terms with yourself and realize that it always has been Her” We believe that this is one of the hardest things to do as a human being. We are prideful, and sometimes this comes from the hurt we experience, but the moment we let go of that pain, and we let our heart be healed, we can finally change and realize things that we couldn’t before. Change is difficult and sometimes change is good, but we have to leave room for it so things can improve and get better. We can make the world a better place with love and kindness.
Anything else we should know about it? Future releases? Upcoming events?
We are working on some music videos for other songs in this album. We’re trying our best to survive as artists in these very difficult times for entertainment; that’s why we want to send positive, and encouraging messages. Tune on Instagram for some live shows!

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