New Hope for Christmas, Overseas?

Watch the empowering Filipinos abroad
perform their Christmas MV!

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Inspiring collaboration from all over the world,
bringing smiles to everyone’s hearts!

christmas red ball

Around the world, everyone experiences great challenges especially with the pandemic. Despite all these, we still believe that we can rise above it. This is why we look forward to Christmas! This is when we can show our love to those around us and even hope that we will make it through.

“Lungkot sana ay mapalitan,
ng ngiti’t kaligayahan
Kahit ngayong pasko lang”
The EU and the Middle East Correspondents has deeply touched us with their heartfelt song. The chorus captured the very essence of the Holiday season that even just this Christmas, we can turn sadness into joy.
As we celebrate Christmas, let us all remember not only the goodness it brings but the goodness that comes from the Lord who is the main reason for this season.

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