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Can these reactors, many in the music industry, say it any louder?! 

Vocal Coach, Danielle Marie of Orange County, CA
4th Impact-“Never Enough” April 24, 2021   36.8K views


“I am blown away by how well their voices mixwe have a lot of bands and groups here in America, but they don’t have voices that mix really, really well.”

“These girls are similar, but very unique so when they mix together…

4th impact from the Philippines pinoy power

@ Niagara Falls

It sounds like one voice and it’s gorgeous!

I feel that other groups on television, radio here all have unique voices but are all over the place so when you put them together, people stick out like sore thumbsbut they’re a collective unit” – Danielle Marie

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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“4th Impact. Come Over to America!” 

Mega Lockdown Hollandale, Mississippi

A Tribute to All Front liners’ BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER So Hyang Version (Reaction)   October 2, 2020

They are the epitome of Harmonicity!  “Time out! Four different changes in their voices!   

“You Young Ladies Need to Be Here [USA] Like Yesterday”

4th impact from the Philippines pinoy power

@ Times Square, NYC

I want to see you all in person someday!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Transforming”, “Taking Me Away”, “I was impacted 4 times!”

How come we don’t have music like that on our radio stations here?”. 

Lost in MPK  163K subscribers,  Los Angeles County 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

4th Impact six months ago said:

“We Are Self-Producing Ourselves…
One Day When We Go to the USA and Fight for Our Name”…

4th impact from the Philippines pinoy power

Celina’s birthday on Jan 8, 2021

How come they’re not #1 in all the charts all over the World, and in the USA?”

“No stopping these girls”    “They are Absolutely Phenomenal”

Badd Boyz of Texas     

We need to have 4th Impact to be here in the USA
I want to go to a Live Concert and See the Girls in Person
– Badd Boyz of Texas 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Living in the states, we get American, British, Canadian, Latino music,
But Not This!! 

Vocal Lab Collective Los Angeles/ Nashville
Jason Catron and Katie Talbot

Have to see more of them!
These girls are the real deal.” –

“Back to the 90’s…the Celines, the Whitneys, Maria Careys

“Vocal gymnastics and vocal prowess at its’ best
I am a for life fan
”- Katie 

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