Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi is a world music maestro, composer, music producer, sound engineer, videographer and inventor (with five patents). At eight years of age, he started learning music. At 18, he began his higher education in four different fields: Information Technology, Music Composition, Sound Engineering and Video Production. Send Shahed a message here.
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5 Tips To Stay Focused by Shahed Mohseni

    1. Learn While You Work
      Do not stop if you think you don’t have enough knowledge. Learn what you need while developing your idea. And my very secret tip for you: while developing a new idea: less you know is better. Otherwise you will say, because of this rule in physics, that rule in marketing, another rule in psychology, this project won’t be successful. You only need to know “I want this done.”
    2. Set Your Goals
      Assume that you’re using the map on your smartphone to go to a destination. No matter how hi-tech your smartphone is, or what incredible feature the map app would provide, if you don’t enter the destination, you won’t get there! So, set and write down your goals then start. That list will provide direction to you.
    3. Be Proactive
      Respond to any event pro-actively. Everything happens for a positive reason. Even if you think you faced the worst possible thing. That might be a fare shake in your life. Never react at the moment, take a deep breath and wait for a day or two.
    4. Patience
      Never give up and be patient. Taller towers take more time being build. In order to be outstanding, you need to spend more time, money, and energy as well as creativity and brain power. But your tower will be much more valuable in the end.
    5. Imagination
      Think about what you planned to achieve. Close your eyes, see yourself at that stage and see how your life would be. Open your eyes and whenever you talk about your activity, always talk from that point, while you see yourself there.
How will you use these tools and ideas in your artistry? I’d love to hear from you.

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