“Write from your heart. If there’s no one out there doing something that looks like you, that’s ok. Just go for it” – Siena Friend

Siena Friend is an LA based singer-songwriter, and guitar player, riding the line between indie-folk and pop-rock. As a girl growing up in Gold Hill, a small mountain town above Boulder, Colorado, she fell in love with music and songwriting at an early age. She has her parents to thank for exposing her to everyone from Bob Dylan to Liz Phair, and giving her her first guitar at age eight. Influenced by the alternate tunings of Ani Difranco and Joni Mitchell, the pop-y melodies of The Beatles, and the strong storytelling of Nanci Griffith, Siena developed a unique style of songwriting. Siena’s songs are deeply personal yet playful, with unexpected chord progressions and catchy hooks. They hum with the struggle of being a soul in a body, breathing, feeling, and always searching. Siena is also an award-winning filmmaker and a visual artist. Her music reflects her diverse passions, acute vision and poetic spirit. Contact Siena here.

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