Article featuring The Sonic Writers: How To Make Creative Partnerships That Thrive

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The Sonic Writers have music released by different independent artists (Susan Lucas, Charles Grace, Maggie Bushiri, Des Flores, Alexia Anne, MALSI, Jon Martin) and have their own EP out now, “1”

With a unique, and positive approach to their music, The Sonic Writers est. 2015, have found a niche in the music world that they can call their own. Producers Shaun Day and Matty Margallo, both seasoned musicians, take on many roles that include producing records, scheduling recording sessions, hiring musicians, and transforming an artist’s musical vision into a quality recording. Shaun frequently lends his twenty years of guitar playing experience to tracks, creating an atmosphere and a vibe specific to their sound. Matty’s twenty years of keyboard playing and vocal experience, are a main part of what makes The Sonic Writers’ harmonic complexities more than just a four bar loop of chord progressions. To get in touch, send Shaun and Matty a message.

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