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The ultimate pop anthem. Hopeful and uplifting!

Following up their debut single “Honey Let’s Go”, sunset + mine have reworked Coldplay’s Fix You into a dramatic sonic adventure journeying from moody chillstep verses to the heights of cinematic sublimity. The ultimately hopeful message of this pop anthem was a natural fit for sunset + mine’s uplifting sound.

Valerie Repetski’s ethereal vocals breathe a new dimension into the lyrics.

Coldplay fans will be struck with the immediate sonic and minor harmonic departure from the original track, without a 1 chord to be heard in the first two-and-a-half minutes. The majestic instrumental marks the song’s decisive departure into heights of future-industrial bliss laced with guitars, vocoders, and massive drums, finally landing gracefully in a final gentle organ homage to the original.
Los Angeles-based producer Ian Charlie highlights Valerie Repetski’s vocals and her husband Rocco Repetski’s keyboards as he charts new territory for this timeless hit.

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