The Dream We Won’t Give Up

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So where does this stunning and ultra-talented group from 6500 miles distant go from here in X-Factor UK after that Audition that just rocked Wembley and the World? Did they just rest on their laurels and coast?

This is Our Dream and We Don’t Ever Want to Wake Up!

4th impact singers from the Philippines


They almost gave up hope after placed 8th in Superstar K6 in Korea in 2014, but Mama Erlinda convinced them to try again. A friend who saw their fabulous performances in Korea convinced them to apply to X-Factor UK by e mail in Dec. 2014, as they were leaving.

As they were giving up hope again…almost 5 months later they were finally accepted! They say that that it was prophesied in the Philippines The Feast X-Factor series in The PICC in April and soon after they sang I Believe I Can Fly.x factor the feast

The rest is history as you have just heard!

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“We’re not just going to match our 1st performance, we’re going to beat it!”


4th impact sisters pinoy power

The girls are originally from a very poor and humble background in a rural province, so for them to fly half way around the world required a true benefactorthey revere a ‘Fairy Godmother’ named Inang who funded 4th Impact’s X-Factor Journey.

In this next performance, there is a great back story that is shown here. One just totally gets their terrific work ethic! From saying “we’re a little bit behind [in rehearsal time]…But we can do it…to…“we’re not just going to match our 1st performance, we’re going to beat it!” They still say this today, as we’ll show you so much more…

4th impact singers from the Philippines


KEY WORDS: “Badass”, “Gut Instinct”.(listen for these…)

From Mylene’s strong entering vocals…to Celina’s stunning rap….to those swirling white dresses, like Irene moves so well in…then to Almira’s terrific belt…the judges were effusive “the vocals were fantastic”, “you have to stop thanking us, we have to thank you”. Did they win the competition? And how long were they there? Those are other stories…

I’ll leave you to wonder if they came close to equaling their Audition. As for the girls, they said it all in “This is our Dream and we don’t ever want to wake up

Special acknowledgement goes to eldest sister/manager Ivy for her invaluable contributions.
Problem by Ariana Grande at X-Factor Week 1 of the Live Shows

4th Impact Has A Special Advance Wish for All Mothers! 

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