The Impact of a New Studio!

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There just isn’t anything more inspiring than an exciting venture among the pandemic…and

by the artists themselves!

4th impact singers from the Philippines

The Impact of a New Studio!

The girls of 4th Impact have just opened their New Sound and Dance Studio in Quezon City! When they announced the project plans in January this year, they expressed their unmistakable joy and wonder at being able to because of the unswerving support of their Dreamers fans! 

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4th impact singers from the Philippines

It has been a dream that they have had since they were really young, that they someday wanted to, be able to offer an Academy for the performing arts for the young people to find their talents and dreams, and there has never been anything like this in the Philippines!

You can imagine that when they revealed this fantastic aspiration in a livestream late last year, the tears flowed and the words tumbled out of their Dreamer fans! 

4th impact singers from the Philippines

So the studio you see here is the start of those Dreams. It is also an investment for them so that they can actually save on not having to rent studios to rehearse their dancing and record in…and rent to other artists. It could lead to collaborations! 

4th impact singers from the Philippines

The very first livestream was on Feb.27th, with special celebratory production added in; it showed how they can truly dance and sing…you see their utterly inspiring talent, the very thing we all need in 2021!

You should see their motto in the lobby!

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Tune into to 4th Impact’s Livestream on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 PM PH/ 6 AM PST at YouTube 4TH IMPACT LIVE
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There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.

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