This is the SONG that Changed our LIVES

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…Now we have to go back to a few months previous,,,August 29, 2015 at the Auditions of X-Factor UK 2015, where they have flown all the way from the Philippines to London and…


4th Impact shocks the world!

This incomparable, stunning performance has more than 175,790,000 views (and still counting), which is the HIGHEST # UK X-FACTOR VIEWS OF ANY ARTIST IN HISTORY!

4th impact singers from the Philippines

Just think, you’ve just watched history still in the making!


4TH Impact (4th Power then, and had to change their name) had stood in a line for 10 hours, and planned on doing what was their signature song “Let It Go”, from the movie Frozen.  However, just 10 minutes before they went on, the crew told them that felt they “stood a better chance with the Jesse J hit “Bang Bang”.  Just imagine they had to completely change rehearsed choreography in their head!

4th impact singers from the Philippines

You see how “shy and demure” they start out, holding each other’s hands, because they had never been in front of an audience that huge.  And of course, had never flown that far away from home the day before!

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They said when the music started, that the crowd, after just a few seconds not only stood up, but started dancing in the aisles!  The girls said “they almost lost their nerve” right then and there, because they had never had that happen before!  But these wonderful souls just brought joy and wonder to the audience, as they continue to amaze us Today!

<Did the girls win with this competition? Well, on to the next chapter of that…>


4th impact singers from the Philippines

photo by: Dymond/Syco/Thames/Corbis

You see immediately afterwards, Irene kneeling on stage sobbing in emotion, but what it really meant…as they recently revealed in their livestream, is that in their own country of the Philippines, they had been discriminated against for more than a decade by a vindictive industry person who wanted to change them.  So they NEVER had a wildly enthusiastic reception like that at Wembley…so who wouldn’t be overcome with wonderment of that moment, more than 6,500 miles away from home?!  

4th impact singers from the Philippines


You hear Phillip say “they had the top of the game-the dance moves, the jumps, the growls and that incredible connection to the audience”

Their fans, aka DREAMERS are so ecstatic that these angelic souls will uplift the
WORLD that needs them so much now, to make this the
Year of 4
th Impact!

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There is so much energy, enthusiasm and being totally real & humble from these girls.

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